Download Revo uninstaller pro 5.2.6 Full Activated (Latest 2024)

Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.2.6 is an impressive utility that can help you to uninstall any PC program. It can remove all the files of that program very easily. Helps in the quick uninstallation of multiple programs at once. Users can easily erase all unwanted programs. It can detect and remove all the leftovers. It can erase all the extensions of browsers. Users can remove them efficiently. Also featured different cleansing tools. These help to enhance the performance of the computer. Users can erase all the junk files, logs data, history, and many more. It gives the feature to control the programs that automatically start with a PC.

Revo Uninstaller Pro

Users can use this utility as a startup manager. To perform this task it provides a hunter mode. Additionally, during the uninstallation, it creates different restore points. It helps to roll back and apply in case of a mistake. It makes the backup of all registry files. Very impressive feature as it adds a layer of security.

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Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.2.6 For Windows

Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.2.6 gives the option to uninstall any software using commands. Users can give different commands to perform different tasks. This can help in instant uninstallation. Users do not need to manually select the program. As it can do with the help of commands. Users can uninstall any application very quickly. It gives the option to remove it with one click. It automatically uninstalls any application instantly. Moreover, it maintains the complete history of all the uninstalled programs. Users can keep track of all removal software. It gives the tools to erase the history of the computer.

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Different kinds of historical revel can make extra space. Users can remove the history of browsers and windows. It gives the tools to clean up all the junk files. It helps to make extra space on the computer. This results in boosting the performance of the PC. You can use it for 32-bit and 64-bit. Compatible with all Windows versions.

Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.2.6 Full Version

Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.2.6 helps to make extra roam on the PC. it can remove all unwanted applications and files. With the uninstallation, it gives different cleaner tools as well. Users can make their computers fully clean and fast. It featured various cleaning tools. These include junk clever, history cleaner, file shredder, and others. With junk cleaner users can eliminate all the unwanted junk files on the computer. With history cleaner, users can erase all their browser history. Furthermore, it gives the tools for MS Office cleaning. Users can use window cleaner tools to erase multiple Windows files.

It gives the tools to erase data in an unrecoverable form. It maintains the database of all the log files. When any application is installed it keeps track of all the changes. It stores the details of the program in the log files. When users need to uninstall any application. It uses that log files to remove all the traces. This can help to detect and eliminate all leftovers.


Revo Uninstaller Pro

Uninstall apps:

The fundamental feature of this utility is to eliminate unwanted applications. It can uninstall all the abundant programs on your PC. Users can remove any application with one click.

Leftover Scanning:

This utility featured a scanner for leftover files. It detects all the related files of any removed programs. Users can scan them and remove them very easily.

Forced Uninstall:

It featured a force uninstall tool that helped to remove all the programs. Scenarios in which the pre-made uninstaller of the Pc is not working properly. This tool helps to eliminate all the restrictions of removing applications.

Batch Uninstall:

Users can conveniently uninstall multiple programs at once. It gives the tools for batch uninstallation. Users can remove multiple programs with one click.

Installation Monitor:

It can monitor the installation of any program in real time. Detect all the changes that any software made. It keeps the data and details of programs in trace logs. Very helpful when uninstalling that program.

Hunter mode:

It featured a hunter mode. This helps to remove applications with a single click. It also helps in managing the startup programs. Users can control the auto startup programs in this mode. Users can drag and drop the icons to control startup.

Data shredder:

It gives the tools to erase data permanently. Users can delete any files with shredder tools. It ensures that these can’t be recovered by anyone.

Manage logs:

Users can manage all the log files of different software easily. It gives the option to perform different actions to log files. Users can edit, send, and preview them. It gives the option to export and import the log files.

How To Download and Install?

  • Download installer file from ShehrozPC.
  • Install the program.
  • Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  • Restart you pc if required.
  • Enjoy!!!

System Requirements:

  • Windows Vista or Higher
  • 65 MB of minimum HD is required
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM (1 GB Recommended)
  • 800MHz Pentium-Compatible CPU or above

What’s New:

  • Uninstall Windows apps.
  • Erase browser extensions.
  • Dark mode.
  • Auto silent update.
  • Summary page of operations.

Revo Uninstaller Pro 5.2.6 is the best Windows program removal utility. It gives many features to make extra space on the devices. Users can uninstall programs with full ease. Users can use commands to eliminate applications. It gives a feature to uninstall various programs with one click. It can detect and erase all the leftovers. Users can remove all the junk and log files. It helps to control the startup programs of computers. Users can remove any files permanently with the data shredder tool. It monitors the installation of all the programs. It maintains a log files database. Users can perform various operations on log files.

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