Download Sylenth1 3.0.72 Full Activated (Latest 2023)

Sylenth1 3.0.72 is an excellent analog synthesizer that helps to create high-quality sounds. This can make impressive sounds very quickly with the help of advanced tools. It helps to boost the performance quality of the sound of the system to a higher level. This gives a fully clear and warm sound that is generated using advanced digital instruments with full perfection. It gives a very intuitive interface that helps to give the visuals of all the music and users can apply different effects. It helps to control the sounds just like stereo on the interface and unleash the creativity of users. This tool provides an oscillator that helps to make different analog waveforms by adding 32 voices per note.


It provides different effects and filters that help to make sounds more unique and professional. These effects can help to control and adjust the different aspects of sounds like echo, velocity, frequency, and others.

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Sylenth1 3.0.72 For Windows

Sylenth1 3.0.72 helps to increase the quality and performance of the sound and produce different sounds and music. Gives 4 unison advanced oscillators with different waveforms with full stereo and different sounds. It can produce excellent results for low and high frequencies without any distortion. Users can enjoy low and high pass filters for the delay modules and get different echo options. It helps to control the delay time and echo within different directions in an adjustable stereo.

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It gives various modulation tools that help to modulate the velocity and wheels. This has different master effects that can make the sounds smoother and enable users to adjust different aspects. Users can control the echo, velocity, pitch, hold settings, and either by using Arpeggiators with Melodi modes. It gives the flanger and equalizer that helps to control delay time, depth, amplification, and frequency.

Sylenth1 3.0.72 Full Version

Sylenth1 3.0.72 helps to provide high-quality sounds and music and users can control all aspects of sounds. It gives different kinds of master effects that make the sounds more professional and impressive. It gives 10 different melody modes in the form of an arpeggiator that helps to control the pitch, velocity, and hold settings. Users can enjoy the built-in sequencer that gives complete control over different aspects of sounds in the output. It helps to eliminate distortion from the sounds and gives five types of distortion with full stereo. This can reduce the artifacts by using overdrive, foldback, clip, and others.

It gives a stereo phaser that contains six stages that help to control and modify the frequency. This tool gives flanger with double oversampling speed and helps to control time and depth. It gives equalizer effects that help to modify the bass with the help of frequency and amplification.




It provides unison oscillators and can make different waveforms of 8 unison stereo voices. It allows the player to play 512 voices collectively and gives 16 different notes each of them containing 32 variant voices.


This tool features two different sections of filters and each of them contains 4 different stages. These include non-linear saturation and resonance controls, and all the filters created by cheap plastic, rock-solid, warm, and raw.


It features different modulation tools that help modify different aspects like velocity, keyboard track, and modulation wheels. It provides 2 ADSR envelopes and 2 LFOs that help to sculpt the sounds according to needs.

Master FX:

This tool features 7 different kinds of master effects that help to make sounds more impressive and enhanced. These effects include arpeggiators, distortion, phaser, flanger, equalizer, delay, reverb, and compressor.

Stereo Compressor:

It provides a stereo compressor that helps to perform different actions with analog waveforms like threshold and track. Users can control the ratio settings that help to boost the punch, warmth, and drive.

Eliminate distortion:

This tool helps to eliminate distractions from all kinds of pre-made and newly created sounds and music. It can remove five different kinds of distortion like overdrive, foldback, decimator, and others.

Fast processing:

This tool gives very good performance and processes the sound using the CPU in no time manners. Use different advanced codes and SSE instructions to process faster by consuming very less resources of the CPU.


How To Download and Install?

  • Download installer file from ShehrozPC.
  • Install the program.
  • Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  • Restart you pc if required.
  • Enjoy!!!

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP or Higher
  • 70 MB of minimum HD is required
  • Minimum 128 MB RAM
  • 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or higher.

What’s New:

  • Customizable skinning.
  • Pattern automation.
  • Sound supervisor tools.

Sylenth1 3.0.72 is the best synthesizer that helps to control the different aspects of the sound. It enables users to make different professional sounds and music with full control over them. It gives a different filter and sound effects to help adjust the pitch, echo, velocity, amplitude, delay, and frequency. Users can enjoy 7 different effects such as delay, compressor, distortion, phaser, equalizer, reverb, and others. It gives a unison oscillator that helps to play 512 different sounds or voices collectively using 16 notes. This tool processes the sound very quickly and uses less CPU resources due to advanced codes and SSE.

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