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Kutools For Excel 26.10 is a utility tool that is specially made for Excel users. It can integrate into all older and new versions of Excel and give extra features. The add-ons are there that are added to simplify the workings of the sheets.

Kutools For Excel

Users can manage their work on such sheets more easily with the help of this tool. So it is overall a comprehensive tool that gives all customized options to apply on the Microsoft Excel files.

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Kutools For Excel 26.10 For Windows

It is a very professional tool that is integrated with the different versions of Excel. It is specially made for users who feel difficulty in performing several Excel tasks. Users can now use shortcuts and various additional features to save their time. Spending extra time on Excel sheets to find out the exact function to apply is a difficult thing.

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You can now add the extra layer of add-ons to the top of the screen. The program can perform different manual tasks automatically. Such as it can apply formulas and mathematical calculations to reduce the process and time. 


Kutools For Excel

Navigation Pane:

This option will let you quickly switch from one pane to another. You can list all the different columns, worksheets, and workbooks on a single pan. Moreover, you can maximize the work area and size of the Excel windows and view the Excel data as well. 

Toggle Settings:

With the help of Kutools For Excel, users can toggle different settings that are related to the scroll bar, formula bar, and status bar. You can customize all of them and show or hide the Excel built-in menus. 

Text tools:

Kutools For Excel will help users conduct a lot of operations and manipulate them. For instance, you can manipulate the text in the cells by changing the case of the text and characters. Users can also change the position of the same text and remove characters and spaces more efficiently. 

Workbook Tools:

Kutools For Excel lets you split and merge different cells at the same time. Moreover, users can take a backup of their current workbooks. You can automatically open these backups or workbooks next time. 


Kutools For Excel helps users to delta the rows in the selected column. You can delete multiple rows in a single go. Moreover, the selected range, active sheets, and secreted sheets options are there to erase the rows in all different ways. 


There are comment options in the Kutools For Excel . There are a range and collection of these add-ons. Such as you can change the comet shape and comments. Moreover, users can make a comment list in a new workbook. Further users can change the formats of the texts for these comments. 


Kutools For Excel Pro 26.10 has a special calculator that can perform numerous functions. Users can perform more than ten types of calculations on it. Furthermore, they can copy these values and paste them into a specific cell. The keyboard is also supported by this calculator to make calculations faster and easier. 

How To Download and Install?

  • Download Kutools For Excel 26.10 installer file from ShehrozPC.
  • Install the program.
  • Choose The destination folder where you want to install it.
  • Restart you pc if required.
  • Enjoy!!!
Kutools For Excel

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP or Higher
  • 150 MB of minimum HD is required
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM (1 GB Recommended)
  • Intel Dual Core processor.

What’s New:

  • Kutools for Excel supplies add-ins that improve built-in processes for Microsoft Excel.
  • Its components include connecting sheets, and linking cells without failing data.
  • You can execute batch operations.

Kutools For Excel 26.10 Download

Kutools For Excel 26.10 Activated is an innovative tool that will let users perform Excel work more efficiently. You can add or delete the column quickly with the add-on features. There are different add-ons that you can delete or add to Excel. You will see all of them at the top of the screen. Such as users can utilize the calculator to perform multiple mathematical operations that are not included in the default version of Excel. 

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